30-min Consult Call

Are you curious about what I do and if I'm aligned to support you on your journey? As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate (LMHCA), Reiki Master, and Womb Awakening Priestess, let's chat and find out how I might best support you.

Womb Healing & Awakening Session

Womb and Hara healing and Awakening One-on-one session. Session may include sound/energy healing, shamanic journeying, toning, breathwork, ritual & ceremony. 

**All genders**

*Virtual Session via Zoom

journey through the Womb/Hara Grail Gates

   An 8 Session package, to deep dive into the Womb/Hara. Includes 1:1 sessions with guided breathwork, journeys toning/mantras, and energy transmissions. Also includes home practice exercises and ongoing support in between sessions. For those seeking to clear trauma (including ancestral & past life), reclaim gifts, and enter deeply into the womb/hara. 

** For all genders**   

*Virtual Sessions via Zoom

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