The path of Womb Awakening is one of grand transformation, and a coming home to oneself.

~ Cherezade Aanya

my Healing Philosophy

I am here at this time to assist you on your journey. Whether to hold space and witness you on your path, to offer guidance and skills in transmuting your physical and energetic bodies through the path of the Womb, and guiding you back to your own inner healer within and all the inherent power you truly hold. I am here. It is through my own journey of healing and my spiritual unfolding that I now find myself in a position of service and guidance.

I hold my life experiences, my trainings, and the embodiment of my spirit as a guiding post that I draw upon in my integrative services. Intuition leads me, spirit shows me, and my connection to source guides me. I am but a vessel, and am here to reflect back to you the light that you are. I see our relationship as a symbiotic experience, where we are co-creating the healing that takes place, together.


You have the innate wisdom and guidance within. I am here to remind you of that. To have a safe space to turn, to be your cheerleader on this earth walk, to teach you the innate wisdom of your body and the magical unfolding of your being. To bring forth the shadows of your being, and to mirror your ability to feel all of your feelings in their entirety. To assist in your healing journey with trauma, bringing your physiological being back to a state of rest. You are safe.


I am a bridge between the worlds and work both on this physical plane and the spirit realm. The path of Womb Awakening is one of grand transformation, and a coming home to oneself. To clear and transmute traumas, to connect with one's sacred sexuality, to reclaim the magic and profound wisdom of the menstrual cycle. Through traditional talk therapies and psychological training’s, I can guide you on your human journey. Through energetic and sound healing we can clear and balance your energetic field. Through the breath you are guided back to the intelligence that is your physical being, and you can find a gateway to the wonderous capacity within your body. Through journeying, ritual, and ceremony we can bring forth the shadows and subconscious materials and integrate them into the sacred, that is you. This path is one of immense weavings into the great mystery of the feminine dimension.


I am in service to you and am being called to offer myself in this way during my time on this earth. If you resonate with me, my story and my offerings, I would be humbled to be your guide on your journey, and to witness you in your entirety

Blessings on your Journey XOXO

(c) 2019 The Sacred Mystica