Cherezade Aanya


My name is Cherezade 'Aanya' Smalley, LMHCA, MHP. I received my Masters in Counseling Psychology degree from Bastyr University and have been working within the Counseling field for the last 5 years. My areas of focus have included Trauma, Attachment, and Inner Child Healing. I have experience working with those as young as 8 years old into Late Adulthood. I am currently working as a Mental Health Counselor under my license in the state of Washington specifically with Adolescents. I find my work fulfilling and so very needed at this time, yet find my soul urging me to offer more and reach beyond what our societal standards currently allow within the realm of healing. Through 'The Sacred Mystica' I am offering Spiritually Grounded Mental Health Counseling. I will not be operating under the guise of my license and will not be accepting insurance. This allows for various healing modalities to be utilized, as well as moving away from focusing on a Mental Health Diagnosis, and focusing more so on unraveling the traumas, conditionings, pains, and inner child wounding collected along our life journey. Shadow work, would be a more accurate description of the work we will do together, along with understanding energetically and cosmically the impact that those aforementioned can have on our lives and our well-being. At this time more and more people are Awakening and finding it difficult to navigate the Ascension journey as we collectively heal the wounds of the past. I had found on my own healing journey there was no one who could support and guide me through that process, and no therapists who spoke a similar language. It was quite the lonely journey which was beautiful in it's own right, but I aspired to become and offer all in which I was seeking for so long. And I'm humbled to be able to offer myself in such a way now for others who may be feeling similarly to how I once felt.

Along with offering 1:1 Spiritual Counseling in Seattle and Distant Spiritual Coaching, I also offer Energy Healing, being attuned in Reiki at the Master/Teacher level. Energy Psychology is a new paradigm being researched and utilized and I feel fortunate to be living in a time where combining these techniques is starting to be legitimized. For more information you can visit A part of my specialty is also working within the realm of Womb Awakening as a Womb Medicine Womxn. I work with all regardless of gender in reconnecting with their Womb space, and offer 1:1 Integrative Healing Sessions to guide one depending on their specific concerns and intentions. The majority of the work I offer is 1:1, however there are various events, retreats and workshops that will be offered throughout 2019 which offer room for more group process. Please check the events tab for more information.

All trainings are listed below:

  • MA Counseling Psychology  (Bastyr University) c/o 2018

  • License Mental Health Counseling Associate (LMHCA), MC 60888928

  • Mental Health Professional (MHP)

  • Gottman Couples Therapy Level 1 Clinical Training

  • Professional Membership in ACEP (Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology)

  • Reiki Master/Teacher Level

  • Womb Awakening 9 Moon Apprenticeship (Fountain of Life)

  • Womb Awakening Facilitator Training (Fountain of Life)


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